Friday, October 23, 2009


I've never thought about getting an iPhone. I've never even considered it. But this post from Ryan at This is Reverb, sharing what might be the best app ever (especially for parents of young children,) has made me pause to reconsider.

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Christine said...

Hi, Erin. About the butternut squash--first cook it. Then scoop it into a food processor. Blend it up. Cook the 1 pound of beef for the tacos (I use sirloin so there is less fat), after 5 minutes or so, dump a can of diced tomatoes (with liquid), taco seasoning, and 1/2 cup of the squash puree. Let it cook altogether and there you have it!
I divided the rest of the squash into baggies and put most of them into the freezer. I kept one bag in the frig because I plan to put some in the sloppy joes later this week! ;)