Friday, October 30, 2009


All three of us have been sick this week. Not anything that's kept us at home - just your basic cold, complete with congestion, coughing, and scratchy throats.

Kaitlyn has actually been sick for three or four weeks now, but we've been to the doctor three times (once for her regular check-up) and each time it's been announced that, aside from her cough, everything looks and sounds fine.

We are celebrating my birthday with my family tomorrow night (my actual birthday isn't until Tuesday) but other than that, we're hoping to lay low this weekend. We may even skip church on Sunday so we can sleep in and take it easy.

Now for some good news... My mom and my sister continue to have positive follow-up visits with their doctors. Here is my sister's latest blog entry about a recent doctor's visit. They also were in the paper last week with a nice story about their victory over cancer. Here is my sister's post about that, including a link to the article.

Considering what we were going through at this time last year, I guess a cold isn't all that bad. :-)

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