Thursday, October 22, 2009

As seen at Walmart

On Tuesday night I went to Walmart to fill a prescription for Kaitlyn. Of course the pharmacy was incredibly busy, and of course "the slow one" was on duty. (As told to another customer by the employee at the drop off counter, in regards to the pharmacist on duty.)

The good news is I had about 40 minutes of uninterrupted alone time to wander around and shop.

The bad news is I spent extra money.

The good news is I got some things for the house, and we have the extra money to spend.

Anyway, I saw a few interesting things.

1. They are starting to put out their Christmas decorations. I actually had fun browsing the aisle all by myself. I don't think I've ever looked at Christmas stuff without having to maneuver around lots of other people. The lesson here is if you want to look at Christmas decorations in peace and quiet, you have to do it in mid-October.

2. I found two of these 6.5 inch round bar boards on clearance. I've wanted to get some new cutting boards, but most of the time I just need a small surface for slicing an apple, cutting the ends off carrots, etc. I think these will do the trick, and you just can't beat clearance!

3. I've been looking for bins that I can use in Kaitlyn's room to help organize her toys, that can slide under her bed. Last week I bought some big under-the-bed containers which work, but weren't exactly what I want. As I was wandering through the kitchen section last night I found simple, white, plastic dishpans that are the perfect size. And, they were 1.88 each. Now that I think about it, they also would be perfect for our family room downstairs. We have white shelving where we keep toys and games, but I need a little something extra to organize that space. Looks like I might be headed back to Walmart for more dishpans.
4. In my new decorating quest I've been on the lookout for a comforter set for our bed and a new shower curtain for our master bath. I've found a few where I like the design, but not the colors, or vice versa. Last night I saw that Walmart has both shower curtains and comforter sets in solid colors, and in colors that I've been looking for. Maybe that's the route I need to go...

5. When I was done with my shopping I went back to the pharmacy, only to discover that my prescription wasn't done yet. (See previous comment about "the slow one.") While I sat on the bench and waited, a woman stepped up to the counter and had the biggest dose of attitude I have seen in a long time. Her conversation with the pharmacy employee could have been a Saturday Night Live sketch. The employee deserves a medal for the patience and tact he displayed while trying to help her.

6. Public Service Announcement: When you have PMS and have 40 minutes to kill in Walmart, it's really best to not go wandering through the bakery section. You might end up putting some peanut butter cookies in your cart.

And you may or may not bust them open in the car and eat one (or maybe two) on the way home.

You may also eat a few more (ahem - maybe even half the package) after arriving home.

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