Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun in the sun

I am having a blast here in LA with my sister! So far, I have:
  • Been to the beach
  • Eaten fish tacos
  • Missed Mike and Kaitlyn
  • Spent more than enough time in traffic on the freeway
  • Seen the "Hollywood" sign
  • Cruised the streets of downtown LA
  • Seen the entrance to Paramount Studios
  • Been to Mann's Chinese Theatre
  • Gotten a photo with my hand in Cary Grant's hand print (my very favorite old time actor)
  • Missed Mike and Kaitlyn
  • Been to the Kodak Theatre
  • Seen my fair share of strange characters
  • Had a lot of fun with the Biola admissions staff
  • Told my infamous toenail story to a room full of people, and given a bag of Chex Mix to Andrea's boss, who loves the toenail story
  • Missed Mike and Kaitlyn
  • Eaten at some fun little restaurants, and had the BEST bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado sandwich EVER
  • Sat outside at Biola's coffee shop for an entire morning, sipping coffee, enjoying the cool California breeze, and checking email
  • Enjoyed my time catching up with Andrea
  • Did I mention missing Mike and Kaitlyn?
My conference officially starts in a few hours and I'm looking forward to networking with other PR/marketing/communications professionals from Christian colleges. I know I will learn a lot - I seriously hope my head doesn't explode because of all the information - and pray that I'll be able to take one or two really great ideas and implement them when I return to the office.

I know the next two days will be great and I don't want to wish them away, but seriously, I can't wait for Saturday when I get to fly home and see Mike and Kaitlyn!

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Mom said...

I am so blessed that you and Andrea are enjoying your time together! Sister time is so important! And because you are gone I get to enjoy your amazing little girl and your wonderful husband!