Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where does she come up with this stuff?

This morning I was going through the normal routine of getting ready for work, and was in the bathroom drying my hair. I had just finished and turned off the hairdryer, when I looked down and noticed Kaitlyn standing in the doorway. Here is our conversation:

Me: Hi! What's goin' on?

K: I love you mommy.

Me: Awwww... I love you too honey!

Me: Can I have a kiss?

K: [in a pitifully sad voice] No.

[turns her back to me]

Me: Honey, what's the matter? Are you ok?

K: No. I'm sad. [still in the pitiful voice]

Me: [thinking something might really be wrong] What happened? Why are you sad?

K: [mumbles something I can't understand]

Me: What did you say? Why are you sad? [starting to worry about whatever has happened to made her sad]

K: [the pitiful voice is still in effect here] Because I lost my mommy.

Me: What? Because you lost your mommy???

K: Yes.

This is when I busted up laughing! She turned around and gave me a sly little look, like she was enjoying her little joke. She started laughing, and it turned it a really silly moment. Where does she come up with this? Especially since Mike and I, and our collective families, aren't silly at all. Not one bit.


Also, I'm sure the Oscar people will be calling me at any moment to say that her performance this morning has earned her an unprecedented last-minute nomination. (Look out Angelina and Meryl!)


Aunt Andi said...

This girl makes me laugh! You're right, where does she come up with this stuff?!

Esther said...

She puts a grin on my face, Erin. She's picking this stuff up from somewhere. Or, someone! is probably more like it. You?

Smith Family Blog said...

I think you need to get her to lean against a door frame, with her arm over he eyes, proclaiming "woe is me!" :)

Willow Tree said...

You can't make this stuff up. She's Adorable! :o) I decided to brush the sand off, so to speak, and get back to living. Just had to have one good tantrum first, lol. I'm grateful you're part of my circle friend.

Blessings, Carolynn