Tuesday, February 3, 2009

At home

Today is the second day that I've been at home with a sick little girl. She doesn't seem to have anything major - up until this morning it was just a fever. At 5 a.m. she woke up, demanding some juice, so Mike gave her a little bit.

At 5:30 a.m., she promptly lost all of it.

I had been laying with her on the couch, but thankfully at 5:29 she declared that she wanted to lay by herself, so I got up. I was all too happy to avoid being thrown up on.

At this point she seems to be doing ok. All she wants to drink is milk, which I hate because that's not the best thing to drink when your tummy is on the fritz, but in the past our doctor has said to follow her lead and give her what she wants. I've been giving her little bits at a time, and she's kept it all down. She also has a normal temp again. Praise the Lord!

I did have a scare a few minutes ago, though. She declared that her tummy hurt and sort-of got "the look" - you know, the look that often precedes the mess. I grabbed the bucket that is now doomed to forever be "that" bucket and moved her blankies (yeah, she has TWO of them) out of the way. I asked her if she thought she was going to throw up. She got this look on her face (you know, the other look that says she's about to be a stinker) and fake sneezed into the bucket about five times.

I'm sure this orneryness (sp?) comes from her dad.

The good news about all of this is that I had a chance to get our taxes done yesterday, and pick up around the house, and make some really yummy soup for dinner. Today I want to get the rest of the house picked up, and put together a plan for this weekend, when I hope to make some meals ahead to freeze. (Thanks to our tax return, I think we are going to get a chest freezer. Woohoo!)

And, also thanks to our tax return, in about a week I will have the joy of paying off my student loan. BIG WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!

I'll sign off for now so I can watch The Jungle Book with my baby. She's laughing at it just like I did when I went to see it in the movie theatre with my mom, 25-or-so years ago. What a classic.

Oh - wait - I lied. If you think about it, please pray for my sister as she has her second chemo treatment today. She had a terrible time with her first one, so we are praying that this one will be much better. Also, my mom was supposed to have her last treament one week ago, but it got postponed because her blood count was too low. She was thankful to have more time to get her energy back, and in the past couple days has felt better than she has in seven months!! She'll have her last treatment one week from today - yay!!


Willow Tree said...

Congrats on paying off your loan and getting the freezer (love my extra one!), but I'm sorry to hear your daughter is sick! Hope she feels better soon! I'm praying for all the ladies in your life today. :o)

Blessings, Carolynn

Smith Family Blog said...

You paying off student loan = me jealous. :)