Monday, January 19, 2009

Today's conversations with Kaitlyn

Conversation #1
(On the way home tonight)

Kaitlyn: Mommy, it's my birfday!

Me: It's your birthday??

Kaitlyn: Yeah! It's my birfday! I have to blow out can-dulls.

Me: Oh honey, it's not your birthday today. You won't have a birthday for, well, [pausing to think about Kaitlyn's concept of time, or lack thereof] well, it won't be your birthday for a long time.

Kaitlyn: Puh-leeze, mommy? Pweeze my birfday? Blow out can-dulls!

Me: Is that what you want? You want to blow out candles?

Kaitlyn: Yeah!

Me: Ok. Maybe you can blow out some candles tonight.

(We both forgot about the candles, so I never had to follow through with the fake birthday.)

Conversation #2
(I had just finished telling Mike that Kaitlyn sat on the potty today at the sitter's house.)

Me (to Kaitlyn): Do you think you might be ready to be potty trained?

Kaitlyn: Um, yeah. Oh - no - I want to brush my teeth first!


Aunt Andi said...

I love conversations with Kaitlyn! =)

Smith Family Blog said...

I love it when you post these conversations. :)