Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tonight's menu (and running through the neighbor's yard)

Tonight's dinner menu, according to Kaitlyn, was cake and lllla-la-meln.

To translate, we had French toast and watermelon.

Mike is off golfing and I didn't feel like doing a lot of work for dinner, so I just pulled together two things that popped into my head and sounded good. (And were simple to make.) I was surprised to hear that Kaitlyn thinks of French toast as "cake".

I guess syrup can do that.

In other news, we went outside and sat on the steps for a little bit. (I know you're jealous of the exciting life I lead.) We were calmly sitting there when I noticed one of the neighborhood cats walking through our yard. I thought that when she noticed us, we would scare her away.

But we didn't.

When I realized that she wasn't scared, and she actually started acting friendly, I was a little worried. Kaitlyn loves petting our cat, Emmy, and I was sure she'd go after this cat. But this was an outside cat, and who knows what she's been into or what's been into her.

She plopped down on the sidewalk in front of us and started rolling around in the sunshine. Kaitlyn squealed with glee and said, "Hi Emmy!"

So, I guess in her universe all cats are named Emmy.

I informed her that this was not Emmy.

She wanted to pet "Emmy". I said no and tried to shoo the cat away. "Emmy" casually rolled over and looked at me as if to say, "Bug off, lady. This is my sidewalk."

Well, alrighty then. So much for my shooing skills.

I would have gone inside at that moment, except for the half-melted ice cream bar that I was desperately trying not to drip all over myself.

That's when "Emmy" decided to take off through the neighbor's yard.

And Kaitlyn took off after her.

Did you know that almost-two-year-olds can run surprisingly fast, especially when in pursuit of a cat?

And surprised moms, even though they might not have on any shoes and might be carrying an almost melted ice cream bar, can also run pretty fast in pursuit of their almost-two-year-old?

Fun times.

We ended up two houses down, where we stopped and visited with Brenda and Zach. That's where we learned that the cat is theirs.

And we learned that her name is really Eunice.


Well, alrighty then.

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