Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sexual abuse prevention plan for your church

Today on Virtue Alert, Vicki blogged about the reality (and the horror) of sexual predators. It sparked some long-winded comments from me and I wanted to also get a post up on my blog about this.

Mike and I used to be in charge of the children's ministry at our church, and we created and implemented our church's sexual abuse prevention policy. This policy is so important to have in place, not only to prevent kids from being sexually abused, but also to prevent volunteers from being falsely accused of sexual misconduct.

Because churches are so often stretched for volunteers, it can be easy for a sexual predator to weasel their way into a volunteer position. They are usually very good with kids. And they typically don't wear red flags that say "WARNING: SEXUAL PREDATOR."

Have I mentioned the importance of having a solid plan in place?

See the comments on Vicki's post for more of my thoughts on this matter. Also, go to this website to see the facts about sexual abuse within the church, and to download resources that can help your church get a good prevention plan in place.

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