Monday, November 9, 2009


I was home again today with Kaitlyn. To make a long story short - she is recovering from pneumonia. It's been a long week.

The good thing about being home today is that I had a chance to participate in two miracles.

#1 - the Stuff Christians Like readers have raised almost $30,000 in the past 24 hours to build a school in Vietnam. It's been cool to refresh the donation page throughout the day and see the total grow. As of writing this, we only need $1,000 more to reach the goal!

UPDATE: The goal was met! So much for hoping to reach it by December 31 - how about 24 hours instead??

#2 - I've loosely been following Stellan's story over at MckMama's blog for the past year. He is a miracle baby who wasn't expected to live past delivery. He did survive (and thrive!) but then was diagnosed with some heart issues. He had surgery today in less-than-ideal conditions, and as of one point this morning his heart stopped.


God worked a miracle and Stellan's surgery is a home run success!!!!!!

I have been praying for him all day long and have obsessively been refreshing MckMama's blog and her Twitter updates. As I sat here with my sick baby I couldn't help but think about how terrible it must be to see your baby hospitalized and going through surgery. I am so blessed that God cleared my schedule today so I could pray for little Stellan and be a witness to this miracle. God is good!

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