Wednesday, December 24, 2008


1. It's funny how I thought I would be posting less this week. I've probably had more posts in the last few days than I've had in the previous few weeks. Weird.

2. Also weird - my daughter. After she ate breakfast, she threw an absolute fit, which included more whining than I could handle. I told her she needed an attitude adjustment, and asked if she wanted to go to her room to settle down. Not only did she willingly go back to her room, she also wanted to go back to bed. She laid there for a good 20 minutes, giving me a nice, quiet opportunity to do important morning things, like checking email and facebook. (She is now in a much better mood.)

3. Why is it that I can never remember how to spell weird? Why doesn't it follow the whole "i before e except after c" rule? Thank goodness for spell check.

4. I had a fun morning yesterday with my nephew and niece. They played with Kaitlyn (which she LOVED), we made cookies, we watched Elf and ate sloppy joes, and generally had a good time. My favorite part of the morning? When Josiah showed me his collection of Taco Bell sauce packets. He has quite a list of foods that supposedly are enhanced by this sauce - I wish I could remember them. (And I must say that I'm not entirely convinced.)

5. My sister made it through her surgery, which lasted a lot longer than expected. Visit her blog for the updates. I hope to make a trip to the hospital to see her today.

6. As mentioned in #4, we made cookies yesterday. I've never thought much about molasses cookies, but decided to try this Pioneer Woman recipe. Can I just say "YUM!"? They were delicious, and were fun to make. I'll definitely be making these again.

7. My mom got stuck in her driveway yesterday. I thought this was ironic, considering my last post.

I guess that's the end of my list. Mostly because I don't have anything else to say, but also because I'm pretty sure that Kaitlyn is filling her diaper right now. And she hasn't had a good poop in a few days. And I gave her some prunes this morning.

(Aren't you envious?)

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Monica said...

I absolutely CRACKED UP over #4. Ask Tim. We were in the family room at the hospital. It was a great laugh! :)