Thursday, August 28, 2008

Surviving the Eeyore Days

**Warning - the beginning of this post has a lot of whining, but I promise that there is good news at the end. :-)

I feel a lot like Eeyore lately.

(Although I'm not sure if he ever had tonsillitis.)

One week ago today was when we took Kaitlyn to the doctor and she was diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. It seemed that the doctor fully expected her to be better by Monday.

On Saturday, I went off to the hospital to spend some time with my mom. We had a great time and watched the movie "Last Holiday" which was absolutely adorable.

After I arrived back home, I realized that I did not feel well. When I took my temp, it was above 102.


On Sunday morning I woke up with a horrible sore throat and took a trip to MedPoint, where my fears were confirmed - I had some form of an infection. The doctor diagnosed it as tonsillitis and gave me a prescription for some antibiotics.

She told me to stay home from work on Monday, but after that the medicine would kick in and she was confident that I'd be able to get back to work on Tuesday.

On Monday I continued to feel horrible. I also got a message from my sitter that her son had pneumonia, so she wouldn't be able to watch Kaitlyn for a few days.

I thought, you've got to be kidding me! What else could possibly happen???

(I think I should stop asking that question, because I mean for it to be RHETORICAL but it always turns out to be LITERAL.)

After scurrying to line up some sitters for Tuesday and Wednesday, I realized late on Monday night that I still had a fever.

Um, wasn't the antibiotic supposed to knock this stuff out? Wasn't I supposed to go back to work the next day??

I called my sister Monica for some advice, and realized that I would be taking another day off work. (Without pay, since my vacation and sick time are officially gone.)

On Tuesday we took Kaitlyn back to the doctor because her gums were bleeding (which ended up being connected to the hand, foot and mouth disease) and the doctor seemed concerned about my throat.

He said that if it was a bacterial thing I should already be feeling better.

He looked in my mouth and said, "Whooooooaaaa duuuude. You sure do have some puss sacks back there."

Why, thank you. I've always wanted to be recognized for my puss sacks.

Now, when your doctor, who is normally low-key, feels the need to say "whooooooooooaaaaa duuuude", it's really not a good sign.

The verdict is that whatever I have is probably the same virus that Kaitlyn has, just manifested in a different form.

Yeah, it's a virus. So the antibiotics won't make it better, and I just have to wait it out.

The doctor suggested that I take the rest of the week off.


So Kaitlyn and I have been hanging out together at home this week, trying to get better.

I've let her watch waaaay more TV than is good for her.

We've spent a lot of quality time with Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Bob and Larry. I'm officially tired of watching "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and VeggieTales.

The good news (yes, there really is good news) is that we are starting to feel better, and we are seeing God's provision during this time.

We are thankful for our church family - people have been providing meals for us this week which has been a huge blessing.

We are also thankful for our immediate family, who have taken the time to help us even though they have so much going on in their own lives.

There have been a few unexpected financial blessings that have come along, reminding us that God will provide for all of our needs.

Another HUGE praise is that my mom is home from the hospital! She arrived home last night, and seemed happy to be back in familiar surroundings.

I know that someday all of this craziness will end and things will get back to some form of normal. For now, I will trust that God continues to be in control.

And maybe next week we can exchange the Eeyore days for a few Tigger days. (Doesn't that sound like a lot more fun?)

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