Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey look - my second post of the day! (And it's mostly about farting. Just a warning.)

Can you tell I'm just a little excited to have my internet connection up and running again? Even if it did take the guy THREE hours to set up?

I got to spend a couple of hours with my mom tonight, and she is in GREAT spirits. Her sense of humor has certainly not been affected.

It was really nice to sit in her room with my dad and my sisters - I can't remember the last time it's just been the five of us sharing a moment. We spent a lot of time laughing and joking, which I think did my mom a lot of good.

On my way to visit mom I picked up some flowers, and a can of chili with beans.

The doctors have told mom that she has to pass gas before they'll start giving her liquids. (Right now she's on IV's and ice chips.)

She's been laughing about that because ever since her colonoscopy, all she's done is fart. I don't know how many times she's had to clean out her colon through this process, and all of that cleaning out has caused her whole system to be, um, at the top of its game.

By the way, she would probably be horrified if she knew I was sharing this. (But she's currently drugged up and won't be reading my blog for a while, so I won't worry about that right now.)

Anyhoo... She's hoping that the passing gas part will come sooner rather than later, and has laughed at the fact that we'll be praying for her to fart.

(I'm not going let Kaitlyn in on this particular prayer request, because she remembers prayer requests for a loooooong time. Ten years from now she'd probably still be praying for God to help Grandma fart.)

Before I went to the hospital I stopped at the gas station to fill up (hee hee - see how nicely that fits in?), then went inside to get something to drink.

That's when I passed the chili with beans.

I bought it, and when I gave it to mom I told her it was to inspire her and help her keep focused on the goal.

I'm sure Michael Phelps had his tokens of inspiration, and now mom has hers.

See how I just related Michael Phelps to farting? Yeah, I'm talented like that.

And, possibly, some of mom's drug may have rubbed off on me because I have no idea how I've rambled all the way to the point of talking about Michael Phelps and farting.

Maybe I need to take all of this internet connectedness in small doses.

Or maybe I should go to bed.



Monica said...

Erin, you are just too funny!

She's either going to laugh her b*tt off or want to throttle you for posting this much information about her. Either way, it's probably a good thing she's out of commission for a few days! (You weren't there when Larry the Respiratory Guy told her to hold her belly because the coughing was going to hurt...I can only imagine what a good belly laugh would do to her!) =D

Anonymous said...

I'm ROTFLMBO!!!! I can't wait for mom to see this... =) I agree with Monicum (to use Kaitlyn's name for her), Mom will either laugh real hard or she's going to give you a whipping at 30 years of age. Thanks for making me laugh.