Friday, August 8, 2008


We don't have internet at home (yet).

I never realized how much I rely on being connected at home.

I also didn't realize that we were moving to the middle of no where, at least according to the phone, cable, and high speed internet people. There is only ONE company that will provide service to us.

Excuse me? We live in the middle of a sub-division, and you service the people just a few houses down from us, but you can't give US service?

The one company that will provide service to us doesn't have any openings until August 18.


I'm done whining now.

I'm writing this at work and need to get out the door, but I did want to post an update. We have officially closed on both houses - woohoo! We love our new house, and even though we are in the midst of endless boxes that need to be unpacked, we are really enjoying our new living situation. Thanks to everyone who was praying for us through this process, and thanks for "listening" to me whine last week. :-)

I'll be back soon to post more!

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