Friday, July 4, 2008

A comparison

This is a comparison of pre-8:32am Saturday accomplishments.

Nothing. Maybe we would have rolled out of bed by now.

Eat breakfast.
Play with the barn.
Check Facebook.
Read a book. (Hippo-not-amus.)
Check email.
Read the paper. (Or at least parts of it.)
Play with the ABC puzzle. (And search for the missing W and G.)
Run down to the basement to see what needs to be packed.
Pack two boxes of dishes.
Stack the next round of dishes on the table to pack later.
Scrape the window.
Paint the window.
Try to lay down for five minutes to rest.
Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Write and post a blog.

Apparently, I am also brain dead from all of this activity. I just remembered this isn't Saturday.

I also need to note that the above accomplishments are not all mine, in case it isn't obvious that Mike was a part of it all. :-)

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Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, goodness, you are hysterical. I noticed you put Saturday, but figured you were talking about last week! totally feels like a Saturday to me to .

Happy 4th!