Saturday, June 14, 2008

Things that make me cranky

1. Plantar's warts.
2. Not having central air.
3. Not having a dishwasher.
4. Walking around the #@*% meat section at Meijer for ten minutes trying to find the bacon that's on sale.
5. Waiting in the fast food drive thru for 10+ minutes for my food.
6. Cleaning out the refrigerator.
7. Gas prices.
8. Not having anything good to watch on TV.

Ok - I think I'm done whining.

For now.


Sara Luke said...

Ugh. Those things would make me cranky too. When I hear a camper complaining, I tell them that they have to say two nice things for every one negative thing that they said. I think you owe us a list of 16 things that make you happy.

Though, looking at my blog, I owe the Internet a list of no less than 3026 things that make me happy.

So, we'll call it even?

Erin K. said...

LOL. I did think of doing a follow-up post of "things that make me happy." Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.


And I'll be looking for that list from you in the near future. (But you can probably round it off at 3,000.)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, Amen, especially to #6. Which is why it is in a constant state of filth.

Don't hate me, but I actually have a dishwasher that I hardly ever use. I know. I am weird. For some reason I love handwashing dishes. :)

Erin K. said...

You now have a standing invitation to come to my house ANY TIME, where you can wash all the dishes you want! ;-)