Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yesterday I went shopping because several stores are having some incredible sales. I was determined to go in with an open mind and try on lots of different types of shirts, having been inspired by two or three (or twenty) episodes of What Not to Wear.

So I'm in the dressing room with my open mind and about fifty shirts.

Ok, not fifty, but it felt like fifty.

I tried on the very first one. It was super cute, but it made me look pregnant so I instantly decided that it was out of the running. I started to take it off, and that's when I panicked.

Have you ever tried something on, only to realize that you're not quite sure how you will get it off?

This shirt had some banding around the arms that was rather tight, and not one bit stretchy. It wouldn't budge.

And there I was, all by myself. How would I get the shirt off? Would it involved ripping? Cutting? The jaws of life?

I thought about getting some lotion out of my purse to lube my arms up. And then I remembered this episode of Friends and decided not to go that route. (Please enjoy the subtitles.)

I'm not sure how I eventually got it off, but I did, and it did not result in any cutting or ripping.

And I did end up with two shirts that are nothing like any of the other shirts hanging in my closet. So, in the end, mission accomplished!

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Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh my word. THis is HILARIOUS!!! Mostly because I know EXACTLY how you feel. Oh yeah...I've been there.

And I knew exactly what Friends episode you were talking about before I saw it. hahahahah