Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The new obsession at our house

Kaitlyn has become obsessed with prayer.

I suppose Mike and I should be thankful for this. The girl loves to pray, which hopefully is a testament to the fact that she sees us pray on a regular basis. In addition to praying before we eat, we say a quick prayer for each other as we get ready to walk out the door in the mornings and we also say a quick prayer if someone isn't feeling well.

(As I type this I realize that this would be a good time to introduce bedtime prayers to Kaitlyn... Maybe we'll work on that this week.)

Kaitlyn has said some really sweet prayers in the past few weeks - we can only understand a few words of the prayer, but none-the-less, it is cute to see her cover her face with her hands and talk to Jesus for a few moments.

She even said a prayer for Mike because his hip was bothering him - an ailment that has occured before and always takes several weeks to clear up - and the next morning his hip was 100% better. I think we have a little prayer warrior on our hands.

Imagine our surprise when, last Sunday morning, she prayed for George. As in, Curious George. She was watching him on TV and it was an episode where George was scared of the dark, so she prayed for him.

This is sweet and all, but it is starting to get violent. Literally.

Yesterday she was at Grandma's house, and was playing with her doll. Something happened to Baby and Kaitlyn was concerned for her, so she prayed for Baby. (Again, this is sweet, but keep reading.)

When she finished praying, she took Baby and with great purpose and intention, head-butted her. Then she prayed for Baby's head to feel better.

This violence towards Baby, followed up for praying for her to feel better, continued on until Grandma decided she'd had enough and took Baby away.

The saga continued last night while I was in the kitchen making dinner. Kaitlyn was standing at the baby gate making lots of noise. It was obvious that she was working really hard at whatever she was doing.

I looked up to see her standing on Baby, her face showing intense concentration. She had hold of the baby gate and was squatting down, using all of the force in her little body to try and squish her baby as much as possible.

I suspect she did this so that she could then pray for Baby to feel better.

This is yet another time when I wonder if this is a phase, or if we need to pursue some type of counseling. Will she translate this to other kids - hurting them so she can turn right around and pray for them to feel better?

Is this why I found a gray hair this morning?


Smith Family Blog said...

That is too cute! Oh how funny. Just made my morning!

Anonymous said...

This girl makes me laugh! And... hearing about her praying also touches my heart so much that I cry. What a gem! =)

Aunt Andi