Monday, April 28, 2008

Plumbing, computers, jobs, donkeys, and a $40 Visa card

How's that for a title?

A lot has happened this week so I thought I would write a quick update post with all of these topics mish-mashed together.

I arrived home on Tuesday evening to see a pool of water on our dining room floor - it had leaked from somewhere in the bathroom through the ceiling. I instantly had visions of my house torn apart, mold, water, ickyness, and money flying out of our bank account. Thankfully it was a relatively easy fix. I do have a hole in my dining room ceiling, but that won't be terribly difficult (or costly) to fix. Thank you, Lord!

Mike's computer crashed last night. We're still waiting to hear back from the computer place to see if they can recover all of this files. This is the laptop he uses for all of his business stuff, so he's just a *tad* stressed about it.

I have a job interview on Wednesday! It's at the same place that I've worked for the past 3.5 years but it would be a move to a different department AND a promotion.

We drove down to Mike's Grandpa's house for a visit on Saturday. The man amazes me - he is 81 years old and still farms. Can you believe that? We haven't seem him since Christmas and it was fun to see him interact with Kaitlyn now that she's a little older. After lunch we went outside to see the donkeys. Grandpa fed them sugar cubes while Kaitlyn stood and watched. I think the donkeys enjoyed looking at her almost as much as she enjoyed looking at them.

Visa Card
The HR department here at work sponsored a "winter fitness challenge" that went from the end of January to the beginning of April. I don't really feel any fitter (not really a word, but I don't care) now than I was in January, but the challenge did motivate me to get on the treadmill and get moving. All of the fitness partcipants were invited a lunch today where they handed out some awards, and lo and behold, my team won an award! Each of us got a $40 Visa card! WOOHOO! I'm still not quite sure why we won the award, but do I care? No! Now I need to decide how to spend my money, which will probably take me about two weeks of careful analysis. :-)

And there you have it. Any suggestions for how I should spend my money??

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Sara Luke said...

If I were given an unexpected $40, I would buy some songs on itunes, spend it on a few things I've been eyeing on Etsy or just browse the Target clearance sections and make a little contest out of seeing how far I could stretch it.

In any case, have fun!