Friday, April 4, 2008

I finally did it

For a while now I've been visiting the blogs of my college friends in order to see what they are up to and to keep in touch with them. Then one day, about two months ago, I was introduced to a whole new blog circle of "friends." I put friends in quotes because I don't know these friends personally, and they certainly don't know me, but I now read their blogs on a regular basis.

At the very start of this was the blog, and it was through her (and her Works for Me Wednesday post) that I came across Rocks in my Dryer. The first time I visited RIMD, Shannon was just embarking on a trip to Africa through Compassion, along with lots of other bloggers, including Boo Mama. I returned to these two blogs to read about their Africa adventure, and it was a very touching experience. And a very uncomfortable experience. It made me feel all squirmy inside, because I was confronted with my own abundance. And selfishness.


I decided that I should sponsor a child. The funny thing is, deciding to do it doesn't actually make it happen. I know you are shocked by this!! I intended to do it. But I never did.

Until today.

I got on Boo Mama's site and she had a link to Rocks in my Dryer, so I went over there and read this post. And I got to the end and thought, "It's now or never." So I clicked the link to the Compassion site, and am now a sponsor for an adorable little girl from Nicaragua. She's four years old, her name is Susana, and she has the cutest little pigtails. I imagine that Kaitlyn will be a blond-haired, blue-eyed version of Susana when she gets to be four.

If you've ever considered sponsoring a child but have never taken that step, I'm sending a little nudge your way. :-) If you want to help out but aren't 100% sure about actually sponsoring a child, you can also go to Compassion's site and make a one-time donation.

Click here to learn more about all of the bloggers who participated in the Compassion trip to Uganda. I dare you to read their stories... It might make you feel a little squirmy inside, but I promise you won't regret it.

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Kelsey S said...

I saw your blog on Shannons comments and just thought id stop in. Like you I found Shannons blog in the beginning of her trip and was so touched that I sponsor a little girl named Praise from Uganda.

I wanted to comment when I saw your little girl was from Nicaragua and say that Im taking a mission trip down there this summer and just started sponsoring a little boy named Micheal from there too. Anyway just wanted to say God bless you for doing such a selfless act to help another child.:) You will be blessed!!