Monday, March 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Ok, so I already know that this plan is going to be modified tonight. We are all under the weather and I forgot to get the chicken breasts out to marinate/thaw this morning before I left for work. :-( At least I can move it on over to next week's plan and know that I have one less day to think about!

I've been peeking in on several others' menu plans for a few weeks now and am excited to finally participate in Menu Plan Monday. Yay! Hop on over to OrgJunkie to see what others have on their menus for the week.

Monday: grilled chicken (on the foreman grill) marinated in italian dressing, tator tots, green beans
Tuesday: chicken tacos (see recipe below)
Wednesday: philly sandwiches, fries, salad
Thursday: roast with potatoes and carrots
Friday: left overs
Saturday: frozen pizza for Mike (I have a Stampin Up party)
Sunday: beef stir fry with rice

Mexican Chicken in the Crock Pot
1 pound chicken breasts (boneless or bone in)
1 can diced tomatoes w/green chiles
1 package taco seasoning

Mix taco seasoning and diced tomatoes. Put chicken in crock pot and pour tomato mixture on top. Cook on low 7-8 hours. Cut up chicken and use in tacos, or serve over Mexican rice. I've also used this recipe with a roast, and have added onions and peppers for "fajitas."


mom_of2boys said...

Philly sandwiches! I love them!

Sara Luke said...

I used to post my two-week menu plans . . . you might just be inspiring me to do that again.

OR, I could just make what you're making every night.

In any case, it looks delicious!

Mommychicky said...

Welcome to MPM! I love it, leaving him frozen pizza to eat...

Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

My MPM is up at Don't Eat Baby.

Alaina said...

Looks so good! Welcome to MPM! I actually found you through Mailee but I also participate in MPM! :)

stephanieshearer said...

Welcome to MPM!! I love using Italian dressing as a marinade. Your menu looks great! Keep up the good work!

Teri said...

Welcome to MPM! It sounds like you'll have a great week of dinners, even if you do have to switch around and improvise! The mexican chicken sounds great! I saved it to my recipe file on my computer! I think DH would love it :) Thanks & God Bless!

Monica said...

I like Sara's idea. I might just have to check in with you each Monday to get my menu for the week!!! =) I usually get groceries on Tuesdays since that's my day off, but I'm usually still scrounging around on my way out the door trying to come up with one or two more ideas to fill the week out.

Org Junkie said...

Welcome to MPM, thanks for joining us!