Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey - who stole my mojo?

Do you know how many drafts of half-finished posts I have sitting here, behind the scenes of my blog? About one million and three. Okay, not that many, but it sure seems that way. In the past week I've had all these thoughts that seem like they would make a great post, so I sit down to write. As soon as I get the first paragraph done I realize that I don't have anything else to say about the subject. Or, I'll get three rambling paragraphs done, re-read them and decide that I hate them.

Have I lost my blogging mojo? After just a few weeks? I hope not. Here, for your reading pleasure, is a list of possible reasons for my lack of mojo.
  1. Winter. It's drained every possible creative fiber from my being, and it really is not ever going to end. Starting tomorrow morning we will be under a winter storm watch and could get 6+ inches of snow.
  2. Sickness. I'm still extremely snotty. (Physically, not attitudinally.) (Yes, I just made up a word.) I'm still coughing a bit. Just now I tried to blow my nose and some strange snorting sound came forth from my throat. How can I possibly have any blogging mojo when my body is still in this funk?
  3. My house. My mojo could be lost somewhere in the piles that have invaded my house, due to the week of sickness and not having enough energy to keep up.
  4. Teething. I think Kaitlyn is teething because for the past few nights she has woken up several times and it takes her a while to go back to sleep. And this morning she woke up at 5;30 and wanted no part in going back to sleep. This cannot possibly help my creativity.
Side note: I hope the word "mojo" doesn't have some strange meaning that I am not aware of... Off to Wikipedia... Oh. Hmmm. It seems that it does have a voodoo past. Read here if you are curious. Oh, excuse me, the word is "hoodoo" and not "voodoo".

See, this is where my post would normally come to a halt. I would think, "I don't want a whole post centered around a term that might have a meaning that I don't really want it to mean." Then I would spend about 10 minutes trying to think of a different word. Then I would give up, or I would get sidetracked by something silly, like feeding my family dinner.

Is this perfectionism? Neurosis? A reason to enter professional counseling? Or can this be cured by chocolate? ('Cuz I could really go for that right now.) Or maybe the cure is simply to hit "publish post" and be done with it.

Yep, that just might be it. (I'm sure a little chocolate is also necessary.)

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Miss Monica said...

At least you're starting your posts. I have all of these random thoughts running through my head and no chance to get them out and organized. Then when I do sit down to post something, I end up spending way too much time trying to make it look pretty. Did you see my latest entry about the food? Ugh! I think I spent over an hour last night trying to get that all to look right.