Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Could it possibly be more bizarre? It seems the answer is YES!

When we got home last night there was a message from the officer who had responded to our accident. He wanted to know if he could come over and get statements from us.

When he arrived he said that the county prosecutor wants to go after the woman who hit us, which is why he needed to get statements. We gladly obliged.

Let me back up for a second... After the accident, there were two witnesses that were incredibly helpful and reassuring to us. One of them made sure we knew that the truck had pulled over in the parking lot, made sure we knew he had seen the whole thing and would stick around to be a witness, and he also came back more than an hour later (while we were still waiting for the tow truck) to make sure that no one was seriously injured. He was especially concerned about Kaitlyn.

So, fast forward to yesterday afternoon, when I downloaded the accident report. I noticed that the address listed for the two witnesses and for the driver was the same. I thought that this must surely be a mistake.

But in the course of talking with the officer, he said that it wasn't a mistake. The two witnesses actually LIVE with the driver.

In a way, this answers some questions rolling around in the back of my head. How did the cops know she had run into Wal-Mart? How did they know she hadn't left Wal-Mart by the time they arrived? How did they know who they were looking for? How would they possibly know if she came out?

And now I know. It's because these two guys were following her (probably to help move the furniture in the back of the truck?) and saw the whole thing, and were disgusted by what she did. Disgusted enough to make sure they helped the cops get her.


It also makes more sense as to why they stuck around for so long, and were so concerned about whether or not we were okay.

It leaves me wondering, did they know she had been drinking? Did they know she had open containers of alcohol in the truck? Do they feel a twinge of guilt for letting her drive?

I'll probably never know, but I am so very thankful that they did the right thing. If she had been by herself, if they hadn't been behind her, if they hadn't been able to ID her, would she have simply gotten away with it?

And that's not quite the end of the crazy.

I found out that I could go online and look her up on the sheriff's web site, so I did. I could not believe the loooooong list of prior arrests. She's been arrested seven times (eight including our accident), and several of the arrests include numerous charges.

Operating while intoxicated.

Possession of marijuana.

Possession of cocaine or narcotic drug.

Possession of controlled substance.

Driving while suspended.

Habitual traffic offender.

False informing.

Contempt of court.


At one point she spent a year in jail, but for all the other arrests it looks like she spent only a few days or a few weeks in jail.

No wonder she ran. And no wonder the prosecutor and the officer are determined to throw the book at her. This woman needs to be locked up before she kills someone.

We continue to be thankful that none of us were seriously hurt. We are frustrated about the car and the inconvenience, and that we had just filled the car up with gas 30 minutes before the accident. And I'm frustrated because I had to cancel a hair appointment on Monday because of the whole sorry mess. Grrrrrr. But these are small things compared to what we could have been dealing with.

Hopefully we will hear from our insurance company tomorrow and will know 1) if the owner of the truck has insurance and 2) if our car is for sure totaled (we assume it is) and their assessment of how much it's worth. Lord, give us favor!!


Willow Tree said...

Hopefully this is the wake up call she needs to turn her life around. Sometimes we only meet Jesus at the very bottom of the pits we dug by hand.

So glad you're okay.


Sara Luke said...

I wonder if they couldn't stop her from driving, so were following her because it's all they could do. I'm so sorry you guys are having to deal with all of this . . . I'm really glad you're all ok!

Erin K. said...

Sara - very true. After I posted this I thought about how they could have removed the open containers from the car before the police arrived. They could have let her jump in their truck and assisted her in getting away. They could have driven off on their own, never stopping to give information. I'm amazed at the whole situation - truth really is stranger than fiction.

And Carolynn, I've thought the same thing. After seeing her prior record, it's obvious that she is living in bondage. I pray that she'll see the potential she has in Jesus. I hope she doesn't let her prior record define who she is, and who she can be. She still has to face the consequences, but she doesn't have to let it dictate her future.

I'm not sure how any of this will play out, but I pray God will be glorified through it all! And I continue to praise him for his protection over us!