Monday, May 11, 2009

What a Monday

1. Kaitlyn had a potty accident just as we were walking out the door. Had to quickly change her and try to get on our way ASAP.

2. Kaitlyn got upset because I picked her up and put her in the car instead of letting her get in by herself. (She is slower than molasses when she does it herself!!)

3. Kaitlyn got upset because I wouldn't pull back into the garage, go in the house, and get her some juice.

4. Kaitlyn got MAJORLY upset because she wanted her blanket, and I wouldn't give it to her because it was a victim of her previous accident. Told her that we'd have to ask nicely and see if Meagan could throw it in the wash for us. This did not help her attitude.

5. Kaitlyn incessantly asked for (and threw fits over) her blanket.

6. Mom suddenly has a mini-nervous breakdown in the car. Where in the world did this come from??

7. Arrive at work with streaked make up, puffy eyes and a major headache.

8. Have a mini counseling/venting (and prayer) session with my boss.

9. Muddle through a half day of work, go to lunch, return with a worse headache.

10. Come home.

11. Find relief by making dinner, cleaning the bathroom, and cleaning the bedroom.

12. Now I'm off to pick up Kaitlyn.

Weird. If anyone told me that this is how my Monday would end up, I would not have believed them.

The good news - I feel much better. And, I have lots of wonderful people in my life - thanks Meagan for washing the blanket, and thanks Jaimee for being such a great boss! :-)

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Monica said...

Kids...the "wild card" of life!!!

I'm sorry you've had a crappy day. I hope your evening is better and that Her Royal Highness has settled down and adjusted her attitued.(((Hugs)))