Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not good

It's not good when, at 2pm, you rediscover the sippy cup of milk (the cup without a spill-proof valve) that you carefully sat on your purse at 7:45am and then forgot.

The one that you grabbed on your way out the door in an effort to calm your toddler who was screaming for something to drink while you were rushing to get out of the house on time.

The one that this same toddler would thrust at you in the car, 20 minutes later, while whining and complaining because she was "all done" and didn't want to hold the cup anymore.

Yeah, that cup. The one that you sat down on your purse and thought, "I'll take care of that after I drop her off."

Note for next time: you won't remember to take care of it after you drop her off.

EDITED TO ADD: I forgot to actually write the important part, that yes, I grabbed my purse and carried it into my office without realizing the the cup was still there, and yes, it did spill all over the inside of my purse. Thankfully, I had just cleaned it out last night so there wasn't much damage to the contents - I just need to try and wash the purse so I don't end up carrying around a spoiled-milk-scented purse. Ick.

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Aunt Andi said...

I'm sorry, Erin. What a mess! Have I ever told you about the time I took my Bethel student workers out for dinner? We order appetizers, one of which was chips and salsa. The waitress brought the food to the table and promptly dumped with salsa, which landed in my purse. My purse smelled like salsa for days (and I don't even like to eat the stuff), so I finally threw the purse away. I hope the sour milk smell does not linger!