Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't try this at home

Yesterday morning I threw a cup of coffee down the stairs.

I had the cup in my hand, 3/4 full, and the sleeve of my bathrobe caught on the half-wall by our stairs as I walked by. Because of the way it all happened, my coffee cup went flying out of my hand, slammed against one wall, and bounced back and forth between the stair walls as it bumped down to the basement.

In a split second, there was coffee splattered on three walls, the kitchen floor, the hallway carpet, and the carpet on five or six stairs.

I couldn't do that again if I tried.

I just stood there for a second in disbelief and then tried to figure out where to start the clean up. I got everything mostly cleaned up when I looked up and realized that Kaitlyn had peed on the floor.

This is the scene my poor husband happened upon when he got out of the shower. This was also the moment when I gave up on the idea of getting to church on time.

We eventually got everything cleaned up, although there are still light stains on the carpet. Today I found myself wondering - if I had only used a tad bit more creamer, would it have matched?

Switching gears... I must share a conversation that occurred between Mike and Kaitlyn last night at Wal-Mart. For several months Mike has been talking about getting a flat screen TV. My standard response is, "Ok. You take a look at our bank account, and if you feel that's a wise way to spend our money, then go right ahead and buy it."

(Evil, yes, but it's quite effective.)

Last night Mike ran to the store to pick up something for work and he took Kaitlyn with him. While they were there he couldn't resist taking a stroll through the electronics section.

K: Daddy, what are those? [looking at all the display TVs]

M: Those are TVs honey.

K: Wow! Those are TVs? [she's in this mode of repeating everything]

M: Yes they are. Do you think we should get one?

K: But we have TVs at home that we can watch!

EXACTLY. Out of the mouths of babes...


Monica said...

Never a dull moment at your house, eh?!

Aunt Andi said...

This little girl is priceless! Sorry to hear about the coffee... the moral of the story: don't drink coffee - it's yucky! =)