Friday, May 16, 2008

And the winner is...!

One of our local TV stations has been doing secret broadcasts for the past few weeks. Once or twice a week the co-anchors will broadcast from an unknown location and will give out clues, and then the first person to figure out their location gets a bag of prizes.

Well, today I was the winner!! Woohoo! I have no idea what I'm getting, but the producer emailed me and said they'd put my prizes in the mail ASAP. I think it will include some tickets to Cedar Point, which would make a really fun trip for Mike and I.

At least I think it will be fun. I haven't been on a roller coaster in several years and am a little afraid that I might myself in the official "I'm-too-old-for-this" category.

I say this because three years ago we went to the fair and found out that we are most definitely too old for most of the fair rides. We almost threw up after riding one of them. (Of course, the fried oreos we had consumed about 30 minutes before the ride probably didn't help.)

This morning's winning adventure has a funny little side story to it:

Our normal routine in the morning is to come downstairs, make breakfast for Kaitlyn and coffee for us, and then turn on the news and watch while we eat/drink.

So, we're sitting on the couch, I'm eating my Cheerios and Kaitlyn is eating her cinnamon waffle. This is when the TV anchors gave the second clue and I shouted, "Hey! They're at ___! I'm sure that's where they are!" I intended to pick up my laptop and send in an email guess, but at that moment Kaitlyn decided that she just *had* to have some of my cereal.

I paused to give her a few bites. It was at this point that the TV anchor started reporting the latest in the situation with Detroit's mayor. (Read here for more info.) He says the text messages sent back and forth were "private." Seriously? If you are using an electronic device issued by your employer (and especially if you are a public servant and are being payed by tax-payers), you better be aware of the fact that nothing said or written while using that device is private. I would bet that every single HR department from here to Antarctica has a policy stating that anything done on the company's equipment is the property of the company, and government employees are probably subject to even more scrutiny.

Ok, so you get my feelings on this subject. I think the whole situation is ridiculous. When the story came on the TV I looked straight at the anchor and said, "Oh my word! That is completely ridiculous!" (I said this rather forcefully. I don't think I exactly yelled it, but it probably wasn't too many decibels away from being a yell.)

This coincided with me finally having a free hand to pick up my laptop. I whipped the computer into my lap and opened it up with gusto. I began to furiously type away, searching for where I should email my guess for the contest.

And the whole time, Mike sat there and thought I was sending off an email about Detroit's mayor.

"Wow. She's really upset about this. I wonder who she's emailing - the TV station? Detroit's city council? The mayor? I can't believe this is affecting her so much."

I think he was relieved to find out that I was simply emailing the morning show.

I'll have to report back when I finally get my prizes and let you know what goodies I won!


Miss Monica said...

Which show and where were they??? Inquiring minds want to know. Any you'd better answer me!!! ;P

Sara Luke said...

So, Cedar Point rides and fair rides are so totally different. Kyle and I LOVE Cedar Point rides. I'm sure you're not too old.