Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WFMW - Using the lint roller

On Sunday as I walking around the house, getting ready for our open house, I was in the dining room and bent down to pick something up when I noticed crumbs under the table. LOTS of crumbs. They had somehow missed the reach of the broom from the sweep up we had done the night before. Grrr.

I looked up and happened to see the lint roller. I grabbed it and used it to quickly "sweep" up the crumbs. It worked beautifully! I then carried it around the house and used it to touch up other areas - floors, window sills, and other miscellaneous surfaces.

Another great use for this is to pick up that last little line of dirt that I can never get onto the dust pan. We have lots of wood floors in our house so I use the broom and dust pan a lot, and there is always that last stubborn little bit of dirt that refuses to get on board. Now I can just roll it right up with the lint roller - woohoo!

I got on the 3M site and found this page with other creative uses for a lint roller. If you have others to share, I would love to hear them!

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Chandra said...

I use the Swiffer Sweep and Vac when I do all my hard woods but I hate to pull it out for just a small spot. I will try the lint brush next time! Thanks for the great tip!

Amy said...

The link made me laugh--especially the ones about the volcano and the microphone!


Anonymous said...

A lint roller is also GREAT for cleaning lamp shades... it's soooo dusty here in California and I'm constantly using the lint roller to get all that nastiness off of my lamp shades!