Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm still here!

Really, I am. I'm just having a mojo problem, which I'm now wondering if it's a hormone problem. (Last mojo problem = one month ago. You do the math.)

In the past three days I've started about five different posts, and get the first sentence out and then BAM! My mind explodes in a fireworks display of thoughts. I scurry in various directions trying to follow a thought only to have it disappear in thin air. Off I go to another thought, and the same thing happens. Then I get tired and give up, and wonder if maybe I'm going crazy.

And in case you are concerned, my family is eating this week despite my lack of a "Menu Plan Monday" post. My menu (like my thoughts) is a little scattered, but noone is going hungry.

I hope to return sometime soon to bring you another story from The Chex Mix Chronicles, titled "Car Accidents: Part 1."

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