Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sick. (Alternate title: Why I should own stock in Kleenex.)

We are sick. All of us. Sick with coughing, runny noses, sore throats, stuffed ears, achy bodies, etc. Mike and I went to work on Monday and Tuesday because we weren't feeling that bad, but today I woke up and blew my nose and the contents of the Kleenex were no longer clear. And since I had been exposed to strep throat this weekend, I figured I should stay home and go to the doctor.

Then Mike woke up and said that he felt awful. So we figured that he should probably go to the doctor, too. And as long as we are both going to doctor and will have to bring Katie-bug with us, we might as well have her checked out because she's had a cough for over a week. I'm not very excited to pay for it all, but I would be less excited if we got down the road and discovered that one of us had strep, or an ear infection, or whatever.

The up side is that it's 8:37 am and I am sitting on the couch in my pj's, with my daughter, watching Clifford and blogging. And drinking coffee. Mmmmmm.

Note to self: stop by the store on the way back from the doctor to pick up more Kleenex.

Question: how much snot can possibly come from ONE person? Haven't I reached the limit YET??

UPDATE: We all have a touch of bronchitis, but no infections, no strep. Whew! The doctor gave us all an antibiotic to hopefully kick this in the butt. :-)

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