Thursday, March 6, 2008

PearBudget - check it out!

I stumbled upon this today. After spending THREE (or more) hours this weekend trying to get our family budget set up on QuickBooks, I was so happy to find this incredible budgeting/tracking tool! It literally took me minutes to enter my initial information, and when I came back tonight to enter some more info I found the program to be very intuitive and user-friendly.

They are beta testing it right now so it is FREE to sign up, but even after they launch it "for real" the price will only be $3 per month. How affordable is that?? I spend more than $3 a month on Diet Cokes from the vending machine at work!! I'll try to come and post more thoughts on this after I use it for a few weeks, and I certainly foresee myself using it. A lot. Did I mention how awesome I think it is?

P.S. Dear Mr. Person-in-charge-of-the-vending-machine at Erin's job: Can we please consider adding Diet Dr. Pepper to the drink options? Pretty please with a cherry on top???

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